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       Chapter VIII: Development of the Impact Region



The Capital City will of course have an impact on the entire nation, but in terms of the interaction of physical, economic and social forces, this impact will be most directly felt in Dodoma Region and parts of the adjacent areas.

One of the primary objectives of relocating the Capital's functions from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma was to generate a long-range process of socio-economic improvements in the east central region of Tanzania in general and in Dodoma Region in particular. This does not mean that the way of life in the rural areas should undergo basic changes, but rather that the Capital City should act as a catalyst to bring about better economic conditions and higher standards of social services for the rural people. The two basic effects, which the Capital will have on the region are firstly, increased demand for agricultural products and rural commodities, and secondly, provision of new job opportunities for rural people in the Capital City and in other regional growth centres.

Within the context of this Master Plan, the impact region of the Capital City is defined as all of Dodoma Region and the neighbouring Districts of Hanang, Kiteto, Kilosa, Iringa, Manyoni and Singida. All centres of these districts are within about 260 kilometres from Dodoma by road or rail.

This chapter outlines a recommended strategy for regional development. However, it is not intended that these recommendations should be regarded as firm policies, since the Capital Development Authority, the agency with the principal responsibility for the Capital City, does not have direct jurisdiction over the areas beyond the Capital City District (Urban). The recommendations merely indicate how the Capital City's impact could be effectively channelled to the benefit of the region's people. In any event, a great deal more work remains to be carried out before a comprehensive regional plan and its implementation programme can be completed; this chapter represents but one step in this process and only sketches the major lines of recommended action.

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