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       Chapter IV: Land Use Policies, Capital City District

Landscape Improvements


Plate 12 shows the recommended landscape improvement parameters for implementation of the open space framework, shown on the Future Land Use Plan. Landscaping within the urban area is designed to highlight and support the overall concept of the new Capital and to emphasize the structure of the major elements. Landscaping will be as important as the design and layout of the buildings themselves. Special care should be exercised to retain as many existing trees and shrubs as possible. New trees, shrubs, hedgerows and grassed areas should be provided, using indigenous plant material and introduced species, where these are known to be appropriate in scale and colour and which will survive the rigours of the climate.

It should be policy to provide at least one tree per dwelling unit in all residential areas. Hedgerows and shrubs should also be introduced whenever possible to provide year-round greenery and assist in improving the micro climate.

In the rural areas, improvement policies should be directed mainly at preserving and improving the soil and vegetative cover, and at improving drainage characteristics. Reforestation programmes should be aimed at erosion control, as well as providing future supplies of the planting and, eventually, timber.

On the entire periphery of the city, a band of trees and plants should be created. One of its major functions should be to prevent grazing cattle from entering the urban area and destroying its vegetation.

Specific recommendations regarding tree planting and other landscape improvements in the city are contained in Technical Supplement No. 4.


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