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       Chapter V: Housing Policy

Policy Recommendations


The adoption of a sound, clearly reasoned and defined housing policy for Dodoma is an urgent priority. It is essential that the new capital's housing policy be co-ordinated with the National Housing Policy. However, this National Policy is not stated in any one document, but a considerable amount of information about it is provided in a speech made by the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development to the National Assembly, outlining Ardhi's 1974-1975 programme. Other elements of policy are outlined within the framework of another of the Minister's speeches, a draft of which was discussed at Morogoro in 1973.1

An examination of the statements of the Ministry indicates that Tanzania is not only adopting, but is also attempting to implement policies that bring housing development within the reach of the majority of Tanzanians. It is recommended that these policy statements should be incorporated into the housing policy for Dodoma.

It is further recommended that the Capital Development Authority should actively involve Ardhi in its housing efforts, in order to ensure not only a balance between housing in the new Capital and the remainder of the urban and rural sectors of the country, but also to maintain the balance of development and financing proposed by Ardhi.

The priorities for a housing policy for Dodoma are expected to differ somewhat from those of the country at large, as well as from those which Ardhi is following in its work in Dar es Salaam, where the major current effort is directed towards squatter upgrading and site and service.

The housing policy proposed for Dodoma under the Capital Development Authority should elaborate on the Ardhi policy, to ensure that within the city's sociological and economic constraints, the housing of the new Capital achieves the expected standards in terms of quality and image and provides the equality of opportunity expected for the low income groups.

It is recommended that the CDA housing policy should encompass the following:

To accept the National Policy, by incorporating the above mentioned Ardhi policies in the housing policy for Dodoma.

[1] Excerpts from these speeches, regarding policy of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (Ardhi}, are included in Technical Supplement 4, City Form and Content.

To control the influx of migrants to Dodoma and to co-ordinate the provision of new housing with planned population growth and/or with the provision of subsidized transportation of labour from rural areas.

To utilize, to the fullest extent possible, the existing organizational structures for the provision of housing in order to accommodate the expected population growth.

To co-ordinate the policies of all organizations contributing to the housing effort in Dodoma under the central control of CDA.

To ensure that the requirements of the Capital Master Plan are met, in terms of housing types, the quality of housing and the development of an African character in housing design and scale, by requiring that all housing plans and programmes in Dodoma should be approved by CDA.

To meet the requirements of the master plan for compact development, in order to achieve a high standard of economical services and accommodation.

To generate maximum capacity for housing construction, under the co-ordination and design control of the Capital Development Authority, by having housing produced by:

To reduce, within the above constraints, the undesirable financial and social characteristics of large scale squatter areas of other cities, by encouraging individual participation in house construction.

In view of a serious shortage of skilled labour, the establishment of trade schools and apprenticeship schools should be an integral part of the house construction programme.

To encourage house types suitable for cooperative construction.

To co-ordinate housing design efforts by Ardhi, THB, NHC, etc. under an appropriate approval system by CDA.

To utilize housing as a generator of industrial capacity in the construction industry.

To generate new policies, as necessary on a continuing basis, to cope with the massive housebuilding programme required to achieve the move of the Capital within the required time-frame, and the expected quality.

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